Project Modeling from Reston, Virginia

iN2STEM Solutions of Reston, Virginia, offers a multi-discipline, quantitative approach to providing solutions for your projects or problems. We can provide different models depending on your needs.

Why We Use a Model Based Approach
Our model-based approach allows you to evaluate the solutions we provide prior to committing to starting a project. This quantitative approach allows you to save time, optimize costs, and ensure the performance and safety of your project. Additional return on investment of this approach would be best measured in life cycle value through:

• Improvement In The Quality Of Product and Results
• Early Detection Of Errors (Easier and less expensive to fix)
• Increase Functionality
• Improved Communications and Insight
• Ability to Quantitatively Evaluate the Value Of Future Upgrades
• Happier Clients and Stakeholders
• Accelerated Deliveries
• Realistic Expectations For All Involved
• More Transparency
• Easier and Less Costly Sustainment
• Increased Confidence In Decision Making and Proposed Solutions

Systems & Enterprise Architecture Engineering
We use a model-based systems engineering approach to assist our customers in the assessment and design of solutions. You get to see how well our solutions perform before they are implemented.

Business People - Project Modeling in Reston, Virginia

Project and Acquisition Management & Support
We use proven quantitative approaches from the Project Management Institute's Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) and the Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model Integration process. Both techniques are used to improve the management, collaboration, and monitoring of projects. Our risk management tools help the project manager keep costs and expectations realistic. Our mission is to help the clients achieve their goals and objectives within the resources available. We use Integrated Digital Environments (IDE)  and cloud based -tools to facilitate and share collaboration and coordination across projects.

Software Development & Engineering
Using a proven software engineering process that utilizes state-of-the-art tools, techniques, and patented approaches, we speed the development of software using executable models. This allows us to define the business process and automate the development of computer code and documentation. This approach is supported by the only U.S. patented system that moves executable models directly to code.  Our approach also incorporates techniques for automated documentation development.


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