Optimization Modeling from Reston, Virginia

iN2STEM Solutions of Reston, Virginia, offers a multi-discipline, quantitative approach to providing solutions for your projects or problems. We can provide different models depending on your needs.

Why We Use a Model-Based Approach

Our model-based approach allows you to evaluate the value added by the solutions we provide early in the project. This quantitative approach allows you to save time, optimize costs, and ensure the performance and safety of your project.


• Business and Mission Solutions
• Systems Engineering and Integration/Enterprise Architecture
• Software Engineering/Development
• IT Managed Services
• Project and Portfolio Management
• Proposal and Capture Management
• Idea/Concept Definition and Integration
• Product Life Cycle Development and Management
• Staff Augmentation and Surge Support
• Digital Transformation

Our methodology, the iN2End Solution™, is a nimble approach to systems and software solutions, with a unique combination of proven processes, innovative tools, experienced people, and real-time team collaboration to optimize solutions. We can adapt to any development or acquisition environment and provide:

• Greater visibility into projects and portfolios, reducing risk and uncertainty
• Improved decision making, earlier in the process, reducing the costs of changes
• Simplified and speedy applications development, with a model driven architecture (MDA) approach
• Ease of maintenance, reuse, and updates and
• Improved software & systems quality

Contact iN2STEM Solutions and ask how we can provide a working model of your
next project to save you time and money with our STEM solutions.