Optimized Product Life Cycle Solutions in Reston, Virginia

Solutions, Inc. is an engineering/IT solutions company, that can help reduce risk and uncertainty, while optimizing business/mission performance and results. Our approach always takes a wholistic systems view, including people, processes, and technologies into our analyses. We use a model-based systems engineering (MBSE) methodology to provide optimization across the systems life cycle from concept definition, development, management, operations, maintenance, migration to retirement/end of life support.

What We Do

We enable companies, agencies, and organizations to achieve their business and mission goals by helping them to become more efficient, and to realize these improvements in significantly less time. We help our clients to craft their solutions and technology to fit their needs. We use modeling & simulation and quantitative analysis to support capture, proposal, technical, and project management, as well as new and emerging technology thrusts, focusing on the users and the business and mission operations. Our collaborative, engaging environment allows us to excel and succeed in:

• Information Technology Services & Support
• Software & Applications Engineering and Development
• Project and Program Modeling
• Scientific and Engineering Studies and Analysis
• Digital Transformation/IOT      
• Digital Twin                  
• Digital Thread 

•Systems Engineering and Enterprise Architecture • Project & Acquisition Management & Support • Business and Mission Operations Modeling/Analysis • Science and Technology/Research and Development • Cloud Management Services

An Early Education Focus

We also designed our environment to be an incubator for young people to see the value of an education and possible career in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.